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I'm Michelle.
A UX/UI Designer who brings digital products to life, helping brands
grow with a caring, human touch.
Open to full-time or freelance opportunities:
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Make your sentiment smell great.
Designing a scent-infused, create-your-own-postcard app for MVP development.

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Never miss an episode again.
A self-initiated exploration of a popular TV show tracking app.


Get the best beats.
Transforming client concept, from creating design blueprint to high-fidelity mockups.
Let's get acquainted.

like water

Flexible (thinker).
Adaptable to change.

My past experiences included working in different industries and with different range of responsibilities. So I was always stepping out of the comfort zone to improve my flexibility and adaptability.

Though my various roles appear seemingly unrelated to one another, they shared 2 themes:

1. Solving internal operational and process-related problems
2. Having direct interactions with end users.
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Solving internal operations and processes with HCD (while not knowing what that was).
At the start of my career, I worked at a company where our processes were established from decades ago and had remained unchanged. There was plenty of frustrations following those archaic processes that were inefficient, ineffective, and not user-friendly. So I thought — why don't I eliminate the redundant steps and make our processes better?

In my subsequent roles, I continued to create, improve, and streamline front-office and back-office internal processes from the perspectives of users and non-users.

This is what the Human-Centered Design (HCD) is about. I just had no idea I was already problem-solving with this mindset.
Having direct interactions with end users.
Though some of my job titles don’t suggest customer-facing opportunities, my responsibilities included working and engaging the front line in different situations and settings, from brick-and-mortars, to trade shows and events.

I gained user insights first-hand to better anticipate user needs, and to help iterate and improve for better experiences and services. Ultimately, adding more value to users.
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self taught

Designing before designer.

Before I identified myself a designer (and make this site, of course), I was designing for different projects, defining target audiences, and figuring out how to execute the vision through collaboration and self-initiation.

Some of my past projects included graphic design and web design.

Download my resume to see an overview of my experience.


Empathy, compassion & awareness from caregiving.

I had a challenging role as a full-time caregiver to my mother. The experience helped me continue to cultivate, and to cultivate quickly, empathy, compassion, and awareness in different contexts and dimensions — values that keep me centred on users when creating compassionate designs.


Some of the applications I'm experienced in.

Adobe XD
Adobe Ilustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe InDesign

certificates & education

Continuous learner.

Currently completing Foundations of Humane Technology by Centre for Humane Technology.

Project Management Professional (PMP), Project Management Institute, 2019
Inbound Marketing & Content Marketing, Hubspot, 2019
Google Analytics for Beginners, Google, 2019
Foundations of Brand Management, University of Toronto Continuing Studies, 2015
BA Hons: Fine Art, Art History & Economics, University of Toronto, 2012
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